Shamem Ahmed


I am a business, internet and media fanatic with a love for entrepreneurism and all things techy. I like to think of myself as a proud geek who can wear the shoes of a business development consultant.

Having worked in a family run business for the early part of my years I have developed an affinity for small businesses and I understand the hardships of starting up a company from scratch having tried and failed to start up businesses. I created a business philosophy which I use everyday and advocate called the Beacon Dale philosophy.

I am passionate about regional causes covering areas such as: Tower Hamlet, Newham & Surrey and youth related issues. I was once a young person and have felt & still kind of do feel young people in the UK get a raw deal and I would like to change this by making things better for today’s young people. I am also interested in ways I can help reduce poverty having comes from an area of London that was and still is extremely poor.