Shamem Ahmed

Did You Know Buda and Pest Makes Budapest?

It was my best friend’s birthday on the last week of February 2016 so we decided to go abroad to celebrate. We explored lots of places to go, starting off either doing sunshine/hot or explore East Europe. Prior to this trip I’ve been to Bangladesh, Cyprus, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Isle of Wight, Portugal and Morocco so this was my first voyage into East Europe.

Cutting out all the boring detail. My friend and I narrowed down our final candidates to – Budapest (Hungary), Prague (Czech Republic) and (Florence/ Venice) Italy. Italy seemed too romantic so we thought we’d skip Florence and Venice till we get ourselves partners. So here we go….. We decided on Budapest in Hungary.

Learn How to Spell Hungary Properly
For starters it isn’t spelled as ‘Hungry’ as I use to until a Hungarian friend pointed out my regular error. It’s capital is called Budapest (that’s where I went). They have a population of around 10 million people, 20% living in the capital city. That’s a big difference compared to the UK who have a population of 60- 65 million. Though part of EU, Hungary kept their currency, which is the Forint (pronounced the For-int and not Font like I did). At the writing of this post the exchange rate was 400 Forint, (HUF), to every GBP so you ended having to divide everything by 400 to work out how much everything cost. Also you end up having to get your head round having to pay in thousands for stuff. A bottle of water cost 300 HUF.

I had a great time in Budapest, I was there for 5 days and 4 nights. The people were very friendly and generally everyone spoke English. It was easy to get around. Public transport (metro, trams and buses) weren’t cramped. With 20% of the population living in the capital, the city felt quite spaced out. Most things were cheaper than the UK so if you don’t think then it shouldn’t cost you much. You can easily spend a week or two there will many museums and tourist attractions. The city has a rich history which emcompases being part of the Ottoman Empire, life under communism and how it all started when they were invaded by the Huns. One interesting fact I found out about Budapest was that the city is split in half by the river Danube. Each side has a name, one side is called Buda and the other side is called Pest (pronounced Pesh). The city has lots of bridges to get on the other side.