Shamem Ahmed

How To Market Your YouTube Channel

My friend’s sister wanted to start a YouTube channel and he asked me for some suggestions to help his sister market her channel.

YouTube channels are on the rise and thier success could mean stardom. While Twiter and Facebook personalities have had to be inventive with ideas to convert popularity into financial success. I’ve seen YouTube vbloggers finding it easy. Look at the rise and rise of Zoella who recently smashed records with sales of her Tutti Fruity beauty range with Superdrug.

For all the budding YouTube stars, here are my top tips-
Video Optimisation

  • Write a descriptive description in every video which includes keywords such as ‘losing weight’, ‘weight loss’, etc. See more this video James L. Stead’s Don’t Leave Me Outside
  • Use relevant keywords in videos
  • Promote social media – I can already see this will be a good way of retaining viewers
  • Categorise video under relevant categories
  • Mention on your video about subscribing to channel and liking videos, this will help you get when You Tube decides on ranking searches and what to include in its suggestion engine

Making and Editing Videos

  • It a generally a good idea to pre-script or plan which video you will make so you can keep your viewers wanting more by mentioning and linking to next videos
  • Have a look at what people are searching in YouTube so you can make videos based on demand
  • Include call to action to subscribe/ like to videos
  • Always be positive about the channel – ‘thank you, we’ve reach xxxxxx suscribers’
  • Include topics that will get people commenting on video. Pose questions to your audience and mention to comment. Video that get more comments will rank better in YouTube Search
  • Get other relevant popular YouTubers to appear on your channel so it is a pull for viewers to watch your videos. Zoella does this alot.

Outreach Marketing

  • Make guest appearances on other YouTube channels which lots of views
  • Interact with other relevant and maybe even non-relevant videos on YouTube by commenting on videos. Example I could comment on a Taylor swift music video and mention I listened to her music while working out and losing xxxx weight
  • Don’t post links from social media immediately, look at when the optimum time and post then. For example Facebook usage rockets in the UK from 6pm onwards
  • Use social media discussions to talk about new and existing videos
    Keep social media as relevant as possible to the YouTube channel so you build up a base to promote your videos to.